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At the end of the day…
February 5, 2010, 1:41 am
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So, after replacing a drum head first thing today, Pat placed a beating on the snare that would’ve been better suited for an unwanted step child and rendered the snare head useless. Song 1 of the day and snare head 1 of the day were both shot. That’s right, one song in and it needed to be replaced again. Of course the store close by was out of stock so we had about 2 hours worth of down time in the middle of the day. No way we’re getting drums done now right? 1 song down in 3 hours and 5 more to go. Well, Pat some how managed to kill the other 5 songs in a display of viking like carnage that he slayed upon the drum skins. DRUMS ARE DONE! Adam’s up tomorrow to rock out some bass before this blizzard snows him in Delaware. Operation “Rock Before the Blizzard” starts at noon tomorrow. I’m home warm in NJ and ready to get some sleep. – jack

P.S. Please don’t beat or let Pat near your unwanted step children.


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hey guys!

what about some videos?

Comment by dan

good idea….well get on it.

Comment by thecastingout

awesome ;D

Comment by dan

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