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February 2, 2010, 10:42 pm
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what’s up everyone? it’s day 2 and we’re taking bets on how often this will get updated. as of now, we’re planning on updating it all the time, but we know how that goes. for those that don’t know, we’re at Clay Creek in Newark, De. working with Nick Rotundo and Chad Istvan on our full length for Eyeball Records. Definitely pretty stoked. i’m going to try and teach nathan how to use this so he can update you guys while the rest of us do work and get this album recorded. they spent all day yesterday getting drum tones and we started tracking today. keep checking back for updates, obscenities, and a load of dumb crap. later – jack


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Looking forward to this, and make sure to come round to Amsterdam again when you’re done! Been too long since I shook my booty to your tunes. Or well, live anyway :p.

Comment by That weird dutch dancing guy

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